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Welcome to the Hull Collaborative Family Law Group, covering Hull and the surrounding area

Matrimonial Dispute? Separated? Living Apart?

You know it doesn't have to be resolved in the courtroom. For many couples the continuous and seemingly endless arguments can be exhausting and emotionally draining for everyone involved. And if your children also form part of the equation then it can be doubly upsetting for you and them.

Trying to find that path to the perfect solution can seem impossible, but with collaborative law and mediation you'll discover a more amicable and less disruptive route to rediscover happiness. Here's how it works.

Collaborative Law

This involves you and your spouse/partner working together as a team with your lawyers in a series of round the table meetings to talk about financial and/or children arrangements. You and the lawyers all sign up to an agreement that nobody will go to Court. You both stay in control knowing that you have your lawyers by your side to make sure that everything is considered leading to an agreement worked out by you and your spouse/partner


This involves you and your partner meeting with an independent Mediator whose role is to help you negotiate an agreement about children and/or financial issues. The lawyers are not present at the mediation sessions but advise clients in between the sessions on any issues that arise from the discussions between you. The Mediator is truly independent and does not take sides.

Collaborative Law and Mediation are available to married couples, same sex couples and couples who have been cohabiting.

"I knew my marriage had ended. I felt terrified about the future. I felt so alone and vulnerable. The idea of our lawyers battling over money and the children in a Courtroom filled me with dread. Luckily my husband and I both used Collaborative Lawyers which allowed us to sort out the divorce in an amicable way without going anywhere near a Court."
Mrs M Hall, Hull

"After months of arguing, my wife and I were both worn out. We wanted to separate but could not face even more rows about the house and kids. Then we found out about Collaborative Law. Our lawyers worked together as a team to find solutions which suited our family."
Mr J Gibbins, Beverley

" When my boyfriend and I split up I felt my whole world had come to an end. I knew we had to sort out the arrangements for our daughter but we just could not agree on anything without it turning into a row. My solicitor suggested mediation as a way forward. We only needed two sessions and in that time we sorted it all out. Our daughter is now happily sharing her time between us."
Miss Kemp, Hull

If you are one of those couples who genuinely seek a fair solution and want to minimise the pain and expense of family breakdown, then Collaborative Law or Mediation may offer the very best way forward.

What Now?

If you wish to find details of a Collaborative Lawyer or Mediator in Hull and East Yorkshire please click here